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OSUKA Bonsai Branch Cutters 210mm (8.25″) Silver – Japanese Stainless Steel


• OSUKA Bonsai Branch Cutters (Bonsai Concave Cutters)
• Length – 210mm (8.25″)
• Finish – Silver
• Material – High Quality Japanese Stainless Steel


These Bonsai Branch Cutters are crafted in Southern China using High Grade Stainless Steel imported from Japan. Stainless Steel retains its edge longer and is far superior in corrosion resistance than other grades of steel. Bonsai Branch Cutters are used to remove unwanted branches from bonsai trees. This particular Straight edge Branch Cutter leaves a shallow concave cut, promoting faster healing on your bonsai. Branch Cutters or Concave Cutters are considered one of the most important tools in your kit, when shaping and training bonsai. It can also be used to remove larger roots and trim larger twigs. In fine-sanded Silver finish.

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