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Bonsai Branch Cutters are one of the most important tools used in the design, training and care of bonsai. Their primary use is to easily remove unwanted branches from your bonsai with causing any distress to the tree. The sharp blades and concave cutting action provides enough force to cleanly and effortlessly remove branches as thick as a finger, while leaving a clean cut site that helps the bonsai heal faster.

OSUKA Bonsai offers a great range of Branch Cutters available in 2 blade styles (Straight edge and spherical), 2 finishes (Traditional Black or Fine-sanded Silver) and 2 Grades of High Quality Japanese Steel (Stainless or Carbon Steel). You can view the different profiles on the products below. Which Bonsai Branch Cutter you require will depend on your budget and level of interest

• Straight edge (regular) Branch Cutters are the most common and are arguably considered the most important tool in a bonsai kit. The cutting profile leaves a shallow concave cut, designed to remove branches flush with the trunk.

• The Spherical Bonsai Branch Cutters leave a deeper, spherical cut that allows the tree to naturally fill in the void when healing. The deeper cut creates more more risk to the health of the tree and so a greater level of care needs to be taken when using this tool.

• Our Hardened High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel retains an edge longer and also resists corrosion better. While the Carbon Steel tool range is a great option for beginners or weekend enthusiasts.

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